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Fixin' to Write Mini-conference

In a joint effort, Donna Francavilla and our organization organized a mini-conference for media and communication professionals.

There were 9 speakers, including some AMP members. Through an exercise with a partner (see photo), Kathryn Lang taught us how the body reacts to laughter.

The categories of the topics were self-improvement, internet tools, and media.

Other speakers there:

  • Steven Flowers

  • Meredith Cummings

  • Donna Francavilla - Founder, Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC

  • Saahara Glaudé - Publicist, Glaudé Productions

  • Monica Coleman - Web Weaver, Frankly Speaking Communications

  • Herb Patterson - Grant Proposal Specialist and Project Manager, Frankly Speaking Communications

  • Brian Caudle

  • Debra Nelson - Head of Corporate Communications, Brasfield & Gorrie

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