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Alabama Media Professionals Annual Communications Contest

The AMP Communications Contest rewards excellence in communications in print, broadcast, web, PR, marketing, book authors, podcasting categories, and more. Entries are judged by leaders in their fields of expertise outside the state of Alabama.


​The contest is open to any professional communicator in Alabama -- whether a member of AMP or not. It is an opportunity to get statewide, and possibly national, recognition. Entrants also benefit from the judges' comments on their work.


Contest submissions are handled electronically, with exceptions for a few categories, such as books.



The submission deadline for the communications contest is usually in early February but opens in early October. Eligible entries must have been published or broadcast in the previous calendar year.


​All entries winning first place may then compete in the National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) Communications Contest. Entrants must be members of AMP and NFPW to compete at the national level.


 AMP winners are honored at the annual Spring Awards Banquet, while NFPW contest winners are honored at the national organization’s annual communications conference.

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