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Benefits of Joining Alabama Media Professionals 

Here are just some of the benefits of joining this all-inclusive organization dedicated to helping media professionals thrive.

Information and News

New members are encouraged to join our Facebook group, follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account. You will also receive our monthly newsletter, which includes industry news and professional tips. And if you join both AMP and NFPW, you will receive the national newsletter.


Professional Development

Through our monthly meetings, workshops and conferences, AMP members are provided skills training to keep current in the ever-changing communications industry. Professional members can attend monthly meetings for free and are eligible for membership rates at workshops and conferences.

Networking and Job Referrals

Companies often contact our organization looking for highly skilled communications professionals to fill open positions. We share these career opportunities with our members. Also, our members often refer jobs to each other because they lack the time or skills needed for a particular project. Our members will also ask other members to help them in a client’s or employer’s project. Thus, new position and client opportunities come to our members from outside our membership and from within our membership.

Awards and Recognitions

Our annual communications contest gives members an opportunity to receive state level awards for their work. When our members win first place in a category, they will then compete in the National Federation of Press Women annual contest if they are a national member. Our members can then include this recognition in marketing their services, which can help them get more clients, higher paying clients or a better job. The opinions of the judges can also aid in improving future performances.

Online Exposure

AMP members who are looking for clients can be listed on our website alphabetically and under their three primary areas of their expertise. Prospective clients are urged to come to our website when they want to hire a communications professional on a freelance basis and find our members who have the skill they need. 

Offline Exposure

We also help publicize accomplishments of our members to other members through our newsletter. We notify the news media of our annual contest winners. By attending our meetings, members can form relationships with our speakers, many of whom are prominent in the local communications industry.

And camaraderie with your communications professional peers

The communications industry has its own challenges, especially with the increase in digital media and changes in the news industry. Our members share with each other what they’ve learned and what they’ve learned to avoid, so that members benefit from the experience of other members. Sometimes just knowing others are facing similar professional challenges successfully is encouraging.

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