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How to Become a Member or Renew your Membership

We have various membership categories to suit your circumstances.


​AMP is the Alabama affiliate of the National Federation of Press Women, which is open to people of all genders. NFPW is a national organization for professional communicators. For more information about membership, contact our VP of membership. For more information on paying for membership, contact our treasurer.


Membership Options:

NFPW & AMP Professional membership: $125

NFPW & AMP Student membership: $45

Retiree: $50 (only for renewals after five years of professional membership)

When paying for your state and national membership through NFPW, be sure to say you are with the Alabama Media Professionals affiliate.

We do not require you join NFPW to be an AMP member. To join or renew membership to just AMP, pay just the local membership dues in the next block.


Membership Options:

AMP Associate Professional membership - $35

AMP Student membership - $20

AMP Retired memberships - $20


Pay for AMP-only membership with your credit card or PayPay account:

After completing the PayPal  transaction, please give us a bit more information so we can get to know you.

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