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Types of AMP Membership

We have different membership categories to suit your needs and provide helpful resources.

Professional Membership

Any Alabama resident is eligible for professional membership if the individual has been and continues to be paid for any type of communications or media work (as shown by two pieces of paid work) for at least one year prior to application. This includes providing communications services (writer, marketer, news media, photographer/videographer, advertiser, website designer, or public relations) and operates as a sole proprietor or S-corporation or is a partner in a limited liability company as shown by the individual’s most recent tax returns.


Any former AMP professional member who lives in a state that has no NFPW state affiliation is eligible for professional membership if he/she/they meet all the aforementioned work requirements.


Professional members are eligible to participate in the AMP Communication Contest. If they want, professional members will be
listed on the AMP website as a professional member. Professional members are eligible for all membership rates at meetings, workshops, and conferences, and possibly other benefits.

Associate Membership

Any Alabama resident interested in the communications or media industry, including anyone who has provided communications services for pay for less than a year, anyone who is self-published, anyone interested in becoming a communications professional, and any other individual who wants to support and be involved in AMP, is eligible for associate membership.


Associate members must convert to professional membership when they meet the requirements for professional membership. Associate members may not vote or be counted for a quorum or be elected to an officer position, but are eligible for all other member benefits, such as paying membership rates for workshops, and conferences. They can attend monthly meetings for free.

Other Membership Levels

Student Member
Any high school student involved in a communications program or college student seeking a degree in a communications field is eligible for student membership. Student members shall be eligible for the high school and collegiate divisions in the AMP and NFPW communication contests. 

Retired Member
Any member in good standing for at least five years who retires from professional communications services work and does not receive substantial remuneration from media communications may choose retired member status. At such time that a member applies for status change from professional to retired, the executive committee may determine what constitutes “substantial remuneration.” Members of AMP who assume such status shall also assume NFPW retired membership status. Retired members shall be eligible for the professional division in the AMP and NFPW communication contests. Retired members may vote, hold officer positions, and be counted for a quorum.

Honorary Member
Honorary membership may be conferred upon persons whom AMP wishes to recognize for meritorious achievement. Nominations for such members are to be submitted with qualifying data to the Vice President Membership for action by the Executive Committee. Honorary members may not vote, hold officer positions, or be counted for a quorum.

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