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Hunter: Media Professionals Should Promote Alabama

Fred Hunter takes journalism’s directive to tell everything in the lede and turns it upside down. “I always bury the lede,” said Hunter, WBRC meteorologist and host of Absolutely Alabama, a series of stories about people, places and things in his home state. Hunter was the keynote speaker at Alabama Media Professionals’ annual awards luncheon April 12 at The Club in Birmingham. Twenty-four AMP members attended the event, and 10 were honored with awards in the AMP Communications Contest.

“We like to tell stories people think they know, but there’s more to them,” Hunter told the group. “People say all the time, ‘I didn’t know that.’ A woman in Dothan told me, ‘I didn’t know we had waterfalls in Alabama.’ A woman in Huntsville said, ‘I didn’t know we had such beautiful beaches in Alabama.'"

Hunter said Alabama is an incredible state--and promoting it when communicating as media professionals is important. When he hears people complain about their child or grandchild being one of 40 kids in a classroom without enough supplies, he asks them: “Where did you go on vacation last year? Did you go to the Smoky Mountains or Lookout Mountain? Did you go to the Florida panhandle or Gulf Shores? Because that money goes back into the education fund for our children. “Give people ideas about places they could go and things they could do that are absolutely Alabama.”

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