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Seven AMP Members Win Awards in National Communications Contest

Alabama national Communications awards 2018 nfpw

Seven Alabamians brought home awards for their professional performance in the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest. Three of our members placed first: Olivia McMurrey in promotional materials for a magapaper ("The Retreat at Mountain Brook"), Tina Tidmore for managing the AMP website, and Verna Gates for writing a travel article ("Race to Kentucky; Revolutionary Ties").

The work was done in 2017, and all 7 of these national winners also won 1st place in the 2017 state-level Alabama Media Professionals Communications Contest.

This national contest brings attention to the high level of expertise Alabama Media Professionals members have. AMP's meetings and networking provide for training in the ever-changing media field. In our members section of our website, you can find an Alabama freelance or prospective staff communications professional. In their profiles, you will see other awards they have won and their primary areas of expertise.

Tina also placed 2nd for an email newsletter and for company fliers she designed. And Olivia also won an honorable mention in promotional materials for a magazine.

Also, we are very proud of four other AMP members who won in the national contest:

Our organization sponsors the AMP Communications Contest for professionals in the state of Alabama. This is a preliminary for the NFPW National Communications Contest.

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