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Two AMP Members Speak to Small Businesses about Marketing Strategy

Marketing workshop Renesant Roots

Renasant Bank sponsored a small business, multi-day workshop that included financing suggestions and other help new small businesses in Birmingham, Alabama, might need. They turned to Bob Dickerson, executive director of the Birmingham Business Resource Center at Innovation Depot.

When he needed some experts to talk about marketing, he turned to our organization. Donna Francavilla, who was asked but had a scheduling conflict, recommended Tina Tidmore. And Tina recommended Cindy Fisher.

The businesses there included a clothing store in Woodlawn, a hand-made leather artisan, a home daycare, a food truck/shaved ice truck business, and a candle maker.

One main point he wanted to have emphasized is the difference between marketing and advertising. Tina said she mainly serves small businesses with marketing strategy advice and design and writing services. She said she has seen that many news businesses fail to decide the branding visual elements to use before putting out online or print marketing material, which costs them in brand recognition and in wasting money. Cindy said that in her former position of editor of the Birmingham Business Journal, she learned how to market that business through partnerships. The attendees asked questions as the conversation included many other topics of how to market a business.

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