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NFL veteran to discuss his book, which tells the story of the first African Americans in the NFL

As a 10-year National Football League veteran, Gary Burley learned that the fastest way to a quarterback is a straight line. He uses that same strategy in telling the story of his career in his book, "Glory, The Struggle For Yards." Burley will be the speaker at the next meeting of Alabama Media Professionals on Nov. 18. The meeting is delayed from our usual second Thursday of the month to avoid conflicts with Veterans Day.

Professional football is the most popular and most watched sport in the world. Burley reveals the untold story of the first African Americans in the NFL -- the trials, tribulations and struggles they went through to make it in today’s most popular sport. He also tells how he and his team developed a guide to provide parents and student athletes with the tools needed to qualify for college scholarships and how to stay in school once they get there.


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