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Digital News Matters, But Print News Still Pays the Bill

William barnett birmingham print news newspapers

Investing resources in digital platforms is important for print-media outlets. But executives of most large newspapers are still talking about the value of their traditional products, Barnett Wright, executive editor of The Birmingham Times Media Group, told Alabama Media Professionals members at the group’s monthly meeting Aug. 10. “We hear that print is dead, and I just don’t believe that,” Wright said during a presentation about digital vs. print. “If you put out a good product, people will put their ads there.” Wright, whose 15 years at The Birmingham News and Alabama Media Group spanned the organization’s transition from a seven-day-a-week, print-only newspaper to the current print-and-online publication, offered examples to back his claim. The details to Wright's presentation were given both at the August AMP meeting and will be in the August AMP newsletter. If you would like a copy, join AMP today.

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