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Bill Fitts on using your imagination in a time you never imagined

Shakespeare wrote King Lear during an epidemic that closed theaters and kept people in their homes. Samuel Pepys recorded life in 17th-century London during a deadly outbreak of bubonic plague. Titian and Edvard Munch are among the painters who created enduring art during widespread pestilence. Does quarantine inspire? Does social isolation spark creativity? For some.

At AMP's February meeting, Bill Fitts, author of the Needed Killing series (cozy mysteries) and Song of Narne (fantasy novels), will talk about the creative process in the time of plague. A Q&A will follow the talk.

A native of Tuscaloosa, Fitts served in the U.S. Navy Reserve, graduated from Princeton University, and has made his living as a sailor, salesman, underwriter, account executive, systems administrator, accountant, and information specialist. He retired from his job at UA in 2011 to be a full-time writer. Trading winter for hurricane season, Fitts and his wife moved to Vero Beach, Florida, in 2015.

Fitts has published six books in the Needed Killing Series and three in Song of Narne, a fantasy. Visit his website at


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