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Give Website Visitors What They Want, Award-Winning Digital Designer Says

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Whether you’re creating a website for a client’s company or your own freelance business, you have only a few seconds to impress prospective customers and give them what they want, or they’ll head back to the search results and look for something else, Tina Tidmore, who won first place in the website-design category of the 2018 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest, told AMP members during the group’s monthly meeting Sept. 13 at Homewood Public Library.

The governing idea should be: “Think about being helpful rather than advertising or selling them,” Tidmore said.

Most often, visitors are looking for hours, a phone number, or a list of services.

Website design has changed drastically in the past five years, due largely to a shift in the kinds of devices people typically use for viewing sites, Tidmore said. She shared tips for creating modern designs and tailoring layouts to different devices.

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