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Ten Things a Corporate Communicator Wishes Every Freelancer Knew

Now is a wonderful time to be an independent communications professional, Adam Kelley, corporate communications manager for Children’s of Alabama, told Alabama Media Professionals members during the group’s monthly meeting July 13.

“I think we’re in the golden age of freelance writing,” said Kelley, noting that many organizations, including Children’s, have large and/or expanding freelance budgets.

While opportunities for freelancers abound, missteps can hamper a communications professional’s ability to build a strong client base through repeat work.

“The first or second assignment is kind of like a tryout,” Kelley says. The client will decide whether to consider the freelancer for future projects based on his or her performance. To help AMP members succeed, Kelley shared 10 tips corporate communicators wish every freelancer knew. These ten tips were told to those at the meeting and sent to the AMP members in their monthly newsletter. If you would like to benefit from these meetings or the helpful information shared in our newsletter, we invite you to join Alabama Media Professionals.

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