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Benefits of Adding to your Communication Skills

“Who has noticed that today’s clients want more for less?”

November’s AMP speaker asked his audience. After a loud affirmative following this opening salvo, photojournalist Karim Shamsi-Basha gave some tips for making more money by offering multiple services, thereby benefiting both clients and communications professionals working for them.“But if you don’t have the soul of the story, it doesn’t matter,” the speaker told his audience at the Homewood Library Nov. 10.

The Syrian-born writer-photographer emigrated to the U. S. to study mechanical engineering at the University of Tennessee, but has spent nearly 30 years in a communications career. Much of that has been based in Birmingham. During that time, he has worked for publications as diverse as Sports Illustrated and Southern Living, done work for agencies and large corporations, written books, travelled worldwide, and founded a magazine (Portico).

by Sandra Bearden

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