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Four Experts Tell Freelancers Tips and Pitfalls to Avoid

We had four experienced full-time freelance communications professionals tell us the tips for success.

The session, moderated by AMP member Rick Watson, included some tips on:

  • Acquiring clients

  • Brokering financial arrangements

  • Client satisfaction

Panel participants were Billy Brown, photographer; Gigi Douban, writer for nationally distributed radio programs; Lilla Hood, graphic designer; and Jennifer Walker-Journey, writer for local and national media. Most panel members said they recruited clients early in their careers through networking with other entrepreneurs and through contacts they had made in previous jobs. Once they landed some accounts, they have worked hard to get repeat business. “The secret to my business is establishing a list of regular clients who keep giving me assignments because they’re happy with my previous work,” said Walker-Journey.

by Sandra Bearden

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