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Kathryne McDorman

Available for more freelance work.

Based in the Southeastern US, particularly central Florida and northeastern Alabama.

Kathryne S. McDorman taught college history in Texas. She has retired and spends part of each year on Lookout Mountain, Alabama, and part in central Florida. She has spent years traveling in the US and in Western Europe and is available for assignments that require travel. Her specialties include articles that require historical context and personal, humorous essays reflecting upon her travel experiences.

  • Primary areas of expertise: Writing Travel Articles, Writing History Articles, Writing Personality Profiles

  • Professional AMP member since 2018.

  • Contact through email or her LinkedIn profile or phone 817-929-3484.



  • 1st Place in the AMP Communications Contest - Writing a Specialty Article - History.

  • 2nd Place in the AMP Communications Contest - Writing a Personality Profiles less than 500 words.

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