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Julia Sayers

Available for more freelance work.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Julia Sayers is the Editor in Chief of Birmingham magazine, the city's largest and longest-running lifestyle magazine. The award-winning magazine has been published consecutively for 57 years and covers all things Birmingham, including food, people and places, fashion, arts, and more. A native of North Carolina, Julia moved to Birmingham in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the city. She worked at both Oxmoor House and Paula Deen's magazine before joining the team at Birmingham magazine four years ago. Her primary focus is writing about food, travel, and all the wonderful things Birmingham has to offer. She is an avid traveler, having visited to 21 countries and 38 states, and enjoys hiking and anything outdoorsy.

  • Three primary areas of expertise: Magazine Editor, Food Writing, Travel Writing

  • Professional AMP member since 2019.

  • Contact her through email.

  • Instagram: @juliasayers

  • Twitter @juliasayers

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