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Gina Vitolo-Stevens

Available for more freelance work.

Based in the Birmingham area.

Gina Vitolo-Stevens is a two-time Gold Addy award-winning Journalist and Copywriter and has worked as a Newspaper Editor, Radio Broadcaster, NBC Affiliate Television Promotions Coordinator, Medium to large radio station News Personality, Voice-Over Talent, Theater Director/Choreographer, and Actor. As a journalist and photographer, she has interviewed and photographed celebrities such as, Presidents Obama, Clinton, and George H. W. Bush; Chris Matthews, Cokie Roberts, and Richard Simmons, to name a few, and wrote stories of regular folks with heroic life tales.

  • Three primary areas of expertise: Radio News Anchor, Reporter, Voice Talent

  • Professional AMP member since 2019.

  • Contact her through email.


  • 4th District (Florida)Gold Addy Award

  • Advertising Federation Association Sunburst Advertising Angel Award Campaign -

  • Copywriting Creative Concept (TV/Radio) and Chamber of Commerce promotion

  • National Association of Professional Women - 2017-2018 Outstanding Excellence and Dedication to Profession

  • Lynchburg University -Excellence in Dance Company Choreography

  • Various theatre company production management and community service awards - Casting, Staging, and Ticket Sales (1983-present)


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