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AMP Members Bring Back 2014 National Communications Contest Awards

Eight AMP members saw their state-winning entries receive an award in the 2014 NFPW Communications Contest. Four of those awards were for first place.

  • Donna Francavilla won first place for her podcast, “Congressional Medal,” in the Web and Social Media-Podcasts category

  • Madelyn Bonnett won first place for her photo essay, which was printed in the form of a calendar

  • Mary Eloise Leake won first place in the Specialty Articles-Arts and Entertainment category

  • Carolanne Roberts won first place in the PR Materials-Reports category for the “2013 Report to the Community” that she did for Alabama Power.

Additionally, Donna won three second-place awards; Madelyn won third place for a Social Media campaign; Elaine Hobson Miller won a third place in Specialty Articles-Home; Meredith Cummings scored a second place for her personal blog; Tina Tidmore received an honorable mention for her PANDORA Org web site; and Verna Gates received honorable mention in Specialty Articles-History.

Eleven members had 44 entries in 33 categories at the state level of the contest. Award certificates were handed out at AMP’s annual Spring Awards Luncheon held at Arlington Antebellum Home in March. For the second year in a row, Donna Francavilla was the Sweepstakes Award winner for having the highest score among all entrants. The Sweepstakes Award is based on several factors, including the number of first-places the winner receives and the amount of competition in each category the winner entered. Donna’s Sweepstake prize was a check for $100.

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