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Ready, Set, FREELANCE! Fall 2018 Workshop

Five speakers shared secrets to success for freelance communicators at Alabama Media Professionals’ 2018 Fall Workshop, held Oct. 11 in Homewood.

The theme of this year’s half-day workshop was “Ready, Set, FREELANCE!” and the event provided information valuable to newly independent communicators as well as seasoned veterans.

Topics covered were:

  • There's an App for That – Tina Tidmore, long-time freelancer and AMP member, revealed the best apps and website software for time tracking, bookkeeping, invoicing, making proposals, and other office tasks.

  • Benefits of the Freelancers Union – Jestina Howard, the Birmingham leader of Freelancers Union, discussed the benefits of membership, which is free, and the group’s advocacy work and invited AMP members to Freelancers Union’s monthly SPARK meeting, held the first Wednesday of every month at MAKEbhm (4000 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham).

  • Don't Miss that Deduction – Sam Parker, senior accountant with Relay Accounting Management, provided business-structure and tax tips for freelance communicators.

  • Preparing for Retirement for Freelancers – Isaac Ephraim, personal financial representative at Allstate Financial Services, gave retirement-savings and investment advice for small-business owners.

  • Sounds and Visuals You Can Use – Tina Tidmore showcased the latest image- and video-editing apps, email-marketing platforms and audio-recording apps.

  • Getting Clients to Pay – Verna Gates, long-time freelancer and AMP member, shared secrets for getting clients to pay. She also entertained the crowd with stories of her exploits as a travel writer, tour guide, and reporter for news outlets including Reuters and Time magazine.Access video and audio files of Gates’ presentation.

Special thanks to: Solomon Crenshaw, Jr., AMP vice president of advanced education programs, who organized the workshop and recruited speakers; Jessica Griggs, AMP associate member, who coordinated lunch, morning refreshments, and gift bags; and Tina Tidmore, AMP member, who handled attendee registration.

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